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Physical Conditioning

A Position One driver development programme should always include a consideration of this crucial performance area and we are fully equipped to provide the service via our experienced coaching team and on-site facilities. Working closely with our expert team we have developed the dedicated personal training and assessment gym with our technical partner Cybex.

A full range of human performance considerations can be incorporated into your programme, from periodic fitness assessments with our consultants, to nutritional advice and even regular PT sessions, we will tailor a package that suits the individual requirements you have. We are fully aware of the time constraints and commitments that many drivers have outside their driving activities and are flexible to work a programme around that which still delivers the required results.

On top of the fitness and training capability we offer in-house, we have the facility to provide therapy services on-site if required, we will put in place a programme that suits individual needs with our own qualified professionals or, if preferred, we can also accommodate your personal therapy experts in-house.