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Driver Coaching

Position One driver coaching provides aspiring race drivers with the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business; race and championship winners from a multitude of classes. From Formula One to the Le Mans 24hrs, our associate driver coaches have the experience to impart knowledge you will struggle to find elsewhere, coupled with this are the skills that keep them at the sharp end of the grid, competing in international championships with top level teams.

When you come to Position One looking for a driver coach we will discuss your specific requirements as well as your current skill level and experience before making our recommendations for the ideal coaching partner. From there it is a process of programme design, we will work together to build a structured approach, taking into account factors such as your time and availability, location and personal schedule.

Alongside on-track activities a programme of simulator development with your driver coach in attendance can be included, allowing you to work closely with your coach along with engineering support on some of the more intricate elements of your driving.