DIL Vehicle Simulators

Using a ‘Driver-In-Loop’ vehicle simulator is a key part of any truly serious competition driver’s development in the modern age of motorsport. Simulators have become a serious alternative to real world testing for the fine tuning of core skills and to help perfect the craft that will be applied on-track. The Position One simulator is a full motion capable, high frequency, low latency system which allows not only the conventional immersion of a wide FOV visual display but the critical benefit of the motion cues that you feel in the real world race seat.

The simulator is supplemental to actual track driving in a Position One development programme, but equally it can be a stepping stone to it, it can be used in a number of ways to enhance overall performance, focusing on the different requirements of the driver as needed. These range from learning a specific track layout to advancing driving technique. However it is used this valuable tool can make a real difference to how a driver will ultimately perform on the track.

Learn circuit layouts and different vehicle characteristics, develop your driving skills and technique, perfect your race craft, test and improve your focus and concentration, get used to real time communication while driving on the limit, learn to manage tyre wear and heating cycles, experience handling changes with setup variation and explore vehicle limit performance without risk of serious consequence, all with a highly focused approach and at a fraction of the cost of real-world testing.